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Tuesday, 5 January 2010

A new chapter for us

So, things were not getting any easier for us, having lost Xander so suddenly and without really any time to accept that it was inevitable. The sadness we all feel has not gone away, so we discussed it yesterday and decided that we needed a new friend for Genghis as well as we three. Looking on the internet we saw there was a suitable 4 month old girlie who lived very nearby, so we arranged to go and see her....................and the amazing thing is, she is actually related to Genghis!!!! She is a Seal Point Siamese, born on 17 August 2009 - co-incidentally the SAME BIRTHDAY AS XANDERS was..........amazing fact! And her great, great grandfather is GENGHIS'S FATHER!!! When I saw the name on her family tree, I simply couldn't believe my eyes. We got home and double checked, and yes, there is was, Sherekhan from England. It is not surprising as he was a Champion Siamese and must have been mated many many times, but this was just incredible. Meant to be, some might say.......... We got her home and wrapped her up in my comfort cardie, as we do all new kittens, and there she remained the rest of the day and evening! She seemed happy enough so I took her to bed with me, and had a box by the bed, but madam slept the whole night wrapped around my neck instead! She is a very affectionate little skinny thing, but she did eat well around 3am this morning when I offered her some bambix!! Since then she has hidden herself in every corner of the living room she can find, and is currently under the radiator sleeping. Genghis is not happy to see that it is not his Xander and is rather grumpy and growly but that will pass. He has to adapt too, and she will want to play once she gets settled so we have to be patient.
I do feel happier in myself now that I have a different focus, but still shed tears in the night for my boy, and although she will never replace him, we all hope that she will bring new joy into our home - and lots of talking!!!!
Sue xx

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