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Saturday, 2 January 2010

Its oh so quiet.....

The quietness here is deafening. I am not getting used to it at all, and Genghis has taken to following me around everywhere, refusing to be left alone downstairs if I come up here for something! He is lost without his friend too.
It has snowed overnight but the roads were reasonable when I took Tim to work just now. He has got his girlfriend coming this afternoon, for the first time here, so there were pleading words of 'please finish my room, mum!' as he got out of the car! I suppose I will help him, but he had plenty of time yesterday and chose to do other things with it, so I am not going to go overboard and make the place shine! It will be nice to finally meet her.
So, what am I going to do with myself today? There is ironing outstanding; a trip to the market this morning and the picture framers; baking a cake or two would be fun.....and stave the hunger pangs off which Tim gets late in the evening! And then there are the books I bought whilst in England. I love the 3 for 2 in Waterstones!!!! The ones I bought this time were also for Tim to read, so I am getting through my selection at top speed. One is about a man and his cat so that is not going to be read any time soon..........back burner or give-away..........the huge one that was as light as a feather to read I got through in one day coming back on the boat; light and fluffy read but ok if one doesn't want to concentrate too hard. The one about the woman caring for her mother whilst rekindling an affair with a former boyfriend took a little longer but it was soon out! And now I am starting one that refuses to describe itself on the sleeve, stating only that it is a surprise and one that you have to read without knowing anything about it! I am liking the style of the author so far, so am willing to give it a chance although I am famous for being that terrible person who always reads the ending first. I know, terrible isn't it?! But there it is. A lifetimes habit that I enjoy so am not going to give up. I cannot abide reading a long book only to find that the author ran out of steam in the last chapter and just scribbled anything down just to be done writing it! So, if the ending is worthwhile, I read the book.
I also take a fancy to book covers and titles. As I glanced at, and picked up one with the title
"The girl with glass feet" my daughter said " I knew you would read that one!" It is intriguing I admit, but goes well with my " The elegance of a hedgehog" that I also had for Christmas, and the other books on my shelves!!!
Oh well, I've drunk my tea so I guess the next chore on my list is Tim's room..............he claims just folding clothes will be enough but I suspect there is more to it than that!
Sue xx

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