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Monday, 3 December 2012

snow and ice

It's getting gradually colder isn't it?! Saturday morning going to Alkmaar with Tim and we had ice rain and such cold air! Still, getting into the shops was the only option, right?!!!
We managed to do a couple of his things but he spent Sunday there with Amber and they got a lot more done it would seem.
I went to see a friend and we walked around her village and then visited the local garden centre's Christmas Display. No where near as impressive as De Driesprong naturally but she got a few nice things including some lovely clip-on birdies .. . she loves birds! I reckon I can make some out of paper if I try. I have placed a couple of decorations in the living room to test Will's reactions to them. Baubles in glass bowls seem to be ok - my little Santa's as well . . . .will add more things this week and see how he does!!
Dentists today. Not looking forward to it that much but it is something I have avoided for a long time and that has run out! With health insurance being what it is here I need to go before the end of this year if I am to benefit from it; next year we can think about the next outstanding thing!!!
Right, off to brave the cold.
Be safe on the roads everyone.
Sue xx

pss. anyone know how to delete old photos on blogger so that I can add new ones? Seems my quota is up!!!!

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