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Friday, 24 August 2012

Turning point

Right about at this time of the year one notices the seasons starting to melt into one another. I always think summer into autumn is the most noticeable slide, especially in the garden. Plants are losing leaves and the flowering ones have a rather sad display of last fling flower blooms and there are gaps in my borders where there once were annuals. I am thinking pansies. They fill the borders in the back garden well and last longer than most other plants. I feel impatient with the wilt of the Astilbe's and the rather forlorn looking Fuchsias and the lack-lustre of it all.
I wish I had some secateurs to cut back the larger shrubs in the front but I only have scissors so it is not a job I relish!! It takes me ages and doesn't really do the plants much good but one has to work with the tools one has, right?!! I will whisper lovely things to the leaves and hope they forgive me.
This morning I cycled to the shops and back along the cycle paths between the villages here. It was cooler and I didn't need sunglasses but it was still warm enough for no coat or jacket. It is the same with  choosing clothes it is with the garden - the in between phase when the day starts off cool and I layer up, only to find that as the day wears on I am wishing I had less on! Too hot to think about boots and shoes; too cold to not want to wear sandals all day. Hey ho, such is life!
Sue xx

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