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Saturday, 11 August 2012

Bucket List

Do you have one? I do, always have had one even before the film of the same name came out. Things one aspires to do/see/go/be/have/gain/earn during this lifetime. I crossed one off mine yesterday by going out all day on my bike with Gloria and taking the trip on the ferry from Enkhuizen to Stavoren. I've lived in these parts for several years now, and always wanted to do it; so thank you Glo for making it happen!!!
It was lovely weather, calm waters and relatively little wind. We are rather sunburnt in places but hoping to move into a more tan-like colour soon! We did over 32 miles on our trusty steeds with only one small incident when I toppled to the side on a cobbled road and wobbled into Gloria and she fell towards the pavement. Drama! Luckily she was unscathed and we pedaled onwards. The boat was due to leave again at 14.05 and just as we were reaching the harbour we saw all the people gathering before the boat, so same as those terrific olympians do, we 'lighted our burners' and hit top speed to reach the ferry in time!!! We had only a couple of minutes to spare and there were not so many passengers anyway, luckily for us, so no problem. Once back in Enkhuizen we trundled to an ice cream and iced coffee watering hole, and then home. I tell you, I was in bed before 9pm last night and slept like a log!!!
Needless to say we are venturing forth today again, since sunny, dry days are few and far between this summer, and it looks like being a super weekend!! Enjoy yours what ever you are doing, and be safe.
Sue xx
Gloria looking out towards Stavoren.

Quaint places on our tour.

Back into Enkhuizen.

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